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Lately, I’ve been feeling a little off. Each day I’ve became lazier and unmotivated and I disliked it. I want to feel fresh again and being productive. So I set 21 days challenge for myself. This chalenge would begining on this Monday, June 24th.  Why 21 days? Because it’s believed that you need at least 21 days to establish new habit in your life. And these are the habits that I want incorporate in my days:

  1. Rise early

I used to wake up at 4 am sharp but now it seems harder to say adios to the comfort and warmth of my bed. Now I even can’t bring myself “really” wake up at 6, I just want to sleep in or just lie there doing nothing.
 So my first chalenge is to get up at 5.45 am. No more sleeping in, no more I just want to close my eyes for 15 minute,” no more “...but it’s still cold.” Just rise and shine, baby.

  1. Doing Morning yoga

Second challenge is doing short morning yoga sequences and it dovetail well with my first challenge, to rise early. You know while our brain wake up, sometimes our muscle still bit sleepy, and that is why morning exercise really recommended to warm up your whole body and prepare it for long day ahead. I already practice daily yoga before, and I find that it makes me feel energized and more focused for the day. I think it’s time to doing it again.

  1. Meditate

I still haven’t got this whole meditation thing, I never can indulge myself to deep relaxation and completely shut outside noise. There are a lot of proof indicated that meditation is good for health, so I want to give it a try and keep practicing it.

  1. Journaling

I’m going to write more, probably won’t post it to EP, but I will try to write something each evening just for brain dump.
So those are my goals for 21 days challenge. I would start this Monday and I will update this blog to track progress every weekend. If you like to join or maybe you have 21 days challenge on your own, let me know. We can do our challenge together and support each other. It would be more fun 

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