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Apparently I bought way too many book more than I could read. So these following books made a trip with me to 2013 in my reading list priority. In particular order, but categorize in genre, here they are:


Contemporary fiction with deep issue

1. Susan Wilson - One Good Dog

The story about a man who lost almost everything and a dog raised to fight and how their friendship grow and heal. 

2. Jodi Piccoult- A Change of Heart 

About a criminal faced with death trial and want to make ammend to his victim who need an organ donor. 

3. Lisa Genova - Love Anthony (motherhood and autism)

4. Sarah Jio- Blackberry Winter 

story about a mother's strugle after her child went missing)

5. Jodi Piccoult - Sing You Home (gay marriage and and gay parenthood)

6. Beth Hoffman - Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

(A  journey of a young girl who lost her mother but finds many others)

7. Louise Eldrich- The Round House (mystry crime novel with a touch of racial issue

8. Lionel Shriver- We Need to Talk About Kevin

(story about mother whose child murder other children)




And now for chicklits, books  equivalent  for chick-flick (romance-comedy) or  as I Call it just some silly story about a woman, heartwarming friendship and flirty romance with happy ending that make you feel good and turn in poodles of goo :)

here is my chicklit to read: 


1. Alexandra Potter- Dont You Forget About Me 

new year's wish gone awry, sounds fun

2. Jill Mansell- Mixed Doubles

Another chicklit about new year's resolutions

3. Melissa Hill - Something from Tiffany 

two men bought a gift from Tiffany , but the brought back the wrong gift

4. Whitney Gaskell- She, Myself, and  I 

three sisters, divorce parent, underwear and hilarity ensues

5. Sarah Webb - The Shoestring Club 

Four girls, one remarkable dress and an extraordinary friendship

6. Tracy Brogan - Crazy Little Thing 

Love found you in unlikeliest place and time :D

7. Julie James - Love Irresistibly

On my to-buy list, expected publication on April 2nd

8. Melissa Senate - The Love Goddess' Cooking School 

A romance and friendship with Italian dish, yummies!!!

9. Jennifer Crucie- Crazy For You

Who knows that adopting a stray dog can change your (boring) life?

10. Cecilia Ahern- Thanks for the memory

a memory of someone else? This sound like one of drama I watched years ago

11. Kristan Higgins- Just One of The Guys

Just like the title said, just one of the guys





Historical romance (just like chicklit, but in historical era setting)

1. Carolyn Jewel- Scandal

2. Mary Jo Putney - The Rake

3. Lisa Kleypas- Then Came You

4. Lisa Kleypas-Dreaming of You

5. Julie Anne Long- What I Did For a Duke




Hmm, I know that was quite a list.It would be plesant to read all those books though :)
I shouldn't restraint myself from buy new books ....

My mood: very cheerful

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